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At the same time as we started offering 1E2 motors, we also started development of the next generation of energy-efficient products: 1E3 compliant super premium efficiency motors

HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTORS A new international standard for electric motor efficiency labeling was introduced will irnprove the transparency between Indian, American, European, and Asian motor markets.

The electric motors consume a significant amount of electricity in the industrial and in the tertiary sectors of the Indian market. f3ecause of its simplicity and robustness the three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor is the prime mover of the modern industry. The electric motor manufacturers are seeking methods for improving the motor efficiencies, which resulted in a new generation of electric motors that are known as energy efficient motors.

Standard motor generally competes on price, not efficiency. but Energy Efficient Motor competes on efficiency. not price.

Also these motors can reduce maintenance costsand improve operations in industry.

Establishing strengthening and sustaining the development of a strong company not only means deploying resources, expertise and know how but also great determination and confidence in the future.

If you do not find a motor suitable for your application in our standard range, we will designonespecially for you. We are well known for developing customised solutions in a shortest possible time because of our in-house development centre and large manufacturingfacility

Constructive Description

  • Higher quality and thinner steel laminations in the stator.
  • More copper in the windings.
  • Optimized air gap between the rotor and the stator.
  • Reduced fan losses.
  • Closer machining tolerances.
  • A greater length.
  • High quality aluminum die-cast used in rotor frame.
  • Answers for Industry.


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